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A new friend

Posted on: Mar 21, 2013

In India, festivals are given a lot of importance and every festival is celebrated by everyone. Diwali (Festival of Lights), Holi (Festival of Colors) and Ganapati (Festival for Lord Ganesha) are some of the festivals in India which are celebrated by almost every Indian. In India, festivals are celebrated not only for fun and frolic but also to get people together. When festivals are near, people come together, work together so that everything goes on smoothly and everyone is included. At the time of festivals, all the bad things and thoughts are lost in the deep oceans and all the happiness and goodness is made to settle in the heart of every man. India is known as the country with the most diversity. But during festivals, religion, caste, creed, race, linguistic differences, all are forgotten and every person is treated as an Indian.

In college, festivals and some days are made to stand out and are celebrated to bring everyone together.

"Tomorrow's going to be great fun! Which chocolate are you bringing?" I asked my friend as I answered myself for the same question.

"What?" She asked with a confused expression.

"Oh come on! Tomorrow is 'Chocolate Day!' How could you forget!" I said as I saw her confused face change into a big grin.

"Right! How could I forget! It sure is going to be great fun!" She said as she smirked.

We then spent the next half an hour talking to our friends about how we were going to celebrate the next day.

Once you step into college, you need to make new friends, get yourself included, take part in conversations and make your own friends. No one will come to you on their own. You have to go to people and make conversations, or else you're going to be left out. And in the process, there may be people who won't accept you for who are. And you may find some people go against you as well. In college, such fights between people keep happening.

So, it's very necessary to end such petty issues. College should take responsibility that such issues don't break the unity of students. If students study together as a whole, more knowledge can be spread amongst them. And so, this animosity isn't a thing that should get in your way.

All festivals are celebrated with great joy and excitement in college so that every individual works with everyone. There are many 'Days' which are celebrated in our college. Saree Day, Traditional Day, Chocolate Day, Friendship Day, Valentine's Day, Bollywood Day, etc. At first, I thought these were all just a way to pass time and had no significance. But I was wrong, there is significance.

The day before 'Chocolate Day', when we were discussing what we were all going to do the next day, I noticed that everyone was getting eagerly interested and everyone were putting in their own ideas to make the next day very special. And throughout the entire conversation, many people who claimed to hate each other were also talking to each other and supporting each other. I understood that college does all this only to grab the students' attention and get all students together.

On such days, all the students come together as one body and enjoy. They forget all their fights and misunderstandings and make amends.

When you first step into college, everybody is new to you. You don't recognize anyone, but if you look from a bird's eye view, you all are one. You all are united. You all are there for each other.

The next day, we all were gifting chocolates to each other. There was a girl who I had heard didn't like me, and I too didn't specifically like her. But now I knew why such days were celebrated, so I went to her and I handed her a chocolate. She gave me a confused look. I apologized and told her that I wanted to make amends. She too apologized.

If it was a usual day in college, I wouldn't even care to look at her, but that day was a different day, it was made to be special and so I made it special, if not for myself but for someone else.

After she apologized she opened the wrapper of her chocolate and opened the wrapper of a different chocolate and gave it to me. We then smiled and walked with each other as we were biting through the chocolate and knowing that we had made another friend that day.

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