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Bright colors and decorations

Posted on: Mar 21, 2013

As exams come near, college can become boring. Whoever you talk to just asks you about how much you've completed, how much more is left and how many submissions are pending. You don't feel like answering any of those questions. You just want to be distracted. You want to have fun. You want to enjoy. You want your stress to be taken away.

I woke up early that morning and because I didn't have any submissions I decided to go to college for some time. I parked my bike in the parking lot and as I started walking inside, I was so surprised to look around. There were decorations, bright and colorful banners, different stalls around me and hundreds of teenagers walking, laughing and enjoying. I felt so out of place with that lethargic and tired look on my face. I put on a smile and started walking trying to figure what that all was about. Suddenly, I met a friend who excitedly hugged me and had a ear-to-ear grin on her face. I asked her what made her so happy. She looked at me like I had committed a crime by asking her that. "Today's the first day of our College Fest!" she said as she was jumping up and down in excitement. I never have been truly keen on participating in anything that related me to any form of art like dancing, painting or graffiti. I don't understand how people can move their hands, legs and every body part in perfect sync to any form of music. I don't even understand how they can create masterpieces, filled with beautiful colors by the stroke of a paintbrush.

"That's amazing! Everything looks so nice!" I said cheerfully as I finally found myself actually smiling. She dragged me along the counters. T-shirt painting, face painting, fun games… every counter was flooding with teenagers giggling and cheering for each other. I wanted to wait at one of the counters but I couldn't win against my friend pulling me towards the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre of our college is one of my favorite places. It's huge and it's built inside the old structures of our college. When I was about to enter the amphitheatre, I could hear more cheers from the inside. When I entered the amphitheatre, I saw it was filled with people hooting, laughing and talking. 'This is going to be one awesome day,' I thought to myself as I was trying to find myself a place to sit.

Minutes after I finally found a place to sit, the curtain rose and a group of girls started by showing their amazing dance skills as people started applauding. There were many dances, a few skits and a debate that took place. I had three awesome hours and not even once did I take my eyes off the stage. There were so many dance forms performed, and three different skits on different and interesting topics.

Once that was done, we came out again and stopped at each stall and had fun. Later, many friends joined us and we had a blast!

The college fest was on for a week and after that day, I came to college for the next six days, and the college had something new to offer every day.

I never knew that one day, I would come to college in the dullest mood possible and leave with so much happiness. College has had so much to offer to me, always. I can't be grateful enough. Since the first day of college, I have been enjoying college. I don't want to leave this place ever but as exams were approaching I knew that after a few months maybe I would never get to enter these gates with the feeling that I enter with today.

I got friends, knowledge, trust, love and unforgettable memories from this college.

And today, if people ask me which was my best day in college, it'll be the day when I was in one of the worst possible moods and just as I entered the gates of this college, my heart was filled with immense joy and excitement and my face was complimented with the widest grin.

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