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Making big decisions

Posted on: Mar 28, 2013

I was writing down the last answer for my last paper as I looked around in the quiet exam hall with all the faces of 17-year-olds glowing and carrying a ear-to-ear grin. I realized that I, too, was one amongst them. In the next 20 minutes I would finally be done with my exams and I could be out there on the open fields enjoying my life to the fullest. I could roam aimlessly, eat outside without my mom getting cranky and I could stay out late nights without worrying about my study schedules getting disturbed. I was finally going to be done with Junior College.

I was sad, though, that I would no longer go to the college I had been going to for the past two years. Maybe I wouldn't get to meet the friends that I was studying with again. Everyone would be involved in their own lives after this, some may shift to other cities, some may just get too busy, some may not want to be in contact, but I knew that I would miss them all equally. I would miss the giggling during lectures when professors did something funny, I would miss the late night studies and coffees, I would miss the tension that rose when the result day came closer, I would miss the long walks that I took in my college between lectures and I would miss all my professors too.

But just now, I was too happy to think about the sad part of this ending. All I could see was the fun that I was going to have in the next few minutes. I tied my supplements and submitted it to the invigilator, sat at my desk and desperately waited for the bell to ring. Triiiing! The bell rang as all students rose and cheered, girls fell into each other's arms and guys gave high fives to each other. I too rushed to my friend, hugged her, picked up my bag and ran towards the parking lot. I took my bike out and we escaped the building that we had been entering for the last month to write our Board exams. We enjoyed a lot that day! We shopped, ate and went bowling. We then had a slumber party where we discussed what we were planning to do over the next three to four months that we had for ourselves.

The next morning, I got ready and was just leaving when my mother stopped me. She asked me to sit beside her, but I was in a hurry, so I just avoided her.

This happened two or three times. Finally, she came and sat next to me one night. She told me that it was high time that I had to decide which university I wanted to apply to, what entrance exams I had to give and all the various forms that I needed to fill. And that's when it struck me: that I had not actually decided all that she expected me to have decided already. I sat up straight and I gave her a very clueless expression. She smiled and told me that I could decide by the next morning and let her know. I was wondering the whole night. Of course, I wanted to study languages, but I had to do a degree course and I didn't know which course I wanted to do. I could do a B.A., but I wasn't interested in that. Or I could do Liberal Arts, where I could choose all the subjects that I wanted to, and study all subjects that were to my liking. But I didn't know if the Liberal Arts degree held importance or not, or if there was another better degree. I searched the Internet and went through two or three universities that offered good Liberal Arts courses, but I didn't know if these universities were right or not.

When I woke up the next morning, my mother came to me and asked me if I had made up my mind. I again gave her the clueless expression and told her about the confusion that I was facing. She then sat beside me and laughed. She told me that I still have one or two weeks to decide, but she wanted me to be aware that this wouldn't be an easy decision to take. I would have to do a lot of research, check with elder friends, go to universities and check the amenities and courses. I would have to check for universities closer to my house, so I wouldn't have to stay away from my family.

But how would I be able to do this in just two weeks? Now I knew that I didn't have much time to make up my mind. So after that day, I went to enjoy with my friends only for a while, and the rest of the time I spent going through sites and checking about different colleges. I short-listed few colleges and visited them, I checked their facilities and courses. I asked my friends from older classes and took information from them, too.

Surprisingly, by the end of the 12th day, I was sure about my university. I knew how much I would have to study for the entrance exam and all the documents that I would need. While all my other friends were still struggling through their decision making, I was finally definite about things. I was glad and satisfied.

I did have fun and I still am, but I haven't forgotten my responsibilities and my job. I am going to make it as simple as possible. Make decisions, make them fast and make them right.

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