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Unani Colleges in Pune

Updated on: Jan 28, 2013
Unani means medicines which are a sign of life. Unani medicine, like any other form of medical science endeavors to discover the best possible ways by which a person can lead a healthy life with least or zero sickness. It recommends drugs, diet, drinks and other divisions including codes of conduct which are favorable for the maintenance and promotion of positive health, as well as the prevention and cure of diseases.

The eventual hope of these scientific prescriptions and prohibitions are the creation of a healthy society. It is different from other branches of medicines, as the drugs it uses are natural in their sources and believes that diseases can be kept at bay by use of clean and fresh water, breathing clean air and consuming fresh foods.

This section provides complete information about unani colleges in Pune. It also provides the contact details of each and every  unani colleges in Pune. The best  unani colleges in Pune are covered here. If any  unani colleges in Pune is missing in this list, kindly inform us using our Contact Form. Students studying in  unani colleges in Pune can also write to us to give their reviews and feedback.

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Unani Medical College & Hospital

JVM Unani Medical College & Hospital is one of the most prominent Unani Colleges in Pune. It provides few courses on Unani medicines, which are written below

Under Graduate Course: Kamil-e-Tob-o-Jarahat, Seat available: 40 Permitted, Post Graduation Course, Duration: Three years, Eligibility Criteria / Entry Requirements: Person holding Degree / Diploma in Unani Systems of Medicine of not less than four years duration with 60% marks in the discipline in the final year and in 1st attempt from a recognized institution. Candidate shall be called for competitive written test on the basis of their academic record in Under-graduate courses. Test shall be consisting of the two papers. First paper will be in the subject for which candidate is seeking admission. Second paper will be related to clinical and Para clinical knowledge of Unani Systems of Medicine. The admission shall be given on the basis of marks secured in competitive examination in order of merit.

Branches of Unani medicine -
  1. Internal medicine ( Moalijat )
  2. Gynecology including Obstetrics and Pediatrics
  3. Diseases of the head and neck
  4. Toxicology
  5. Psychiatry
  6. Rejuvenation Therapy including Geriatrics
  7. Sexology
  8. Regimental Therapy
  9. Dietotherapy
  10. Hydrotherapy

Z. V .M. Unani Medical College & Hospital, Pune

Address : Z. V. M. Unani Medical College & Hospital, Pune.
Azam Campus, Off Shankarshet Road, Camp.
Pune 411001.
Phone : +91 (20) 26455153, 26446749
Principal : 94220 84066
Fax : +91 (20) 26446748
E-mail: zvmumch@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.zvmunanimchpune.org/html/college.ht
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