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Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute

Updated on: Jan 28, 2013

Pune’s Deccan College Post Graduate Research Institute(DCPGRI) holds the honour of being one of the most long-established institutions in the history of India’s modern education. For a certain period, the Deccan College functioned as an undergraduate and post graduate centre under the Bombay Government. Keeping in line with the British General Lord Elphinstone’s demand for western education to be imparted during his time, the Deccan College functioned as a centre for western education only.

Due to lack of funds, the college was closed in the year 1934 but made a comeback after five years. This time it emerged as a post graduate and research institute to encourage advanced learning in Indology and Social Sciences. Today, Deccan College is one of the most widely-recognised institutes of the Pune University, equipped with four remarkably successful departments namely the Archaeology, Linguistics, History and the Sociology-Anthropology Departments.

Among several facilities available in the campus the most important treasure trove is its library. The institute’s library has more than 150,000 books, 12,000 rare manuscripts and complete collections of about 150 old and current prestigious journals. These are useful to both the faculty and students of the Institute and to research workers of many other institutions in the country.

The University Grant Commission, new Delhi has approved Rs. Five Crore for the academic work and developmental work in the campus of the college. The institute has a facility of mess for the students as well as for the guests. The Institute has two Gent’s Hostels accommodating about 55 students and two Ladies’ Hostels providing accommodation for about 40 students. The Institute also has a gymkhana. The university houses a Maratha History Museum and a Archaelogyl Museum.

DCPGRI Departments
  • Archaeology Department
  • Linguistics Departments
  • Sanskrit and Lexicography Department

DCPGRI Facilities
  • Library
  • Museums
  • Hostels
  • Mess
  • Gymkhana

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