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Updated on: Jan 28, 2013

Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), previously the Institute of Armament Technology, is a Deemed University in Girinagar, Pune, India.It is accredited by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and in the year 2000, the Institute acquired the status of a Deemed University. The Institute offers eight post graduate courses in Modeling and Simulation, Laser and Electro-optics, Chemical Technology, (High Energy Materials), Aerospace Engineering, Air Armament Engineering, Combat Vehicles, and many more short courses.


The following courses (regular short term and long term) are offered to defence personals only. Training courses are available for DRDO officers and capsule courses as per requirement. The areas of training include the following:

  1. Advanced Air Armaments
  2. Advanced Marine Engineering
  3. Advanced Naval Weapon System
  4. Aerospace Quality Assurance and Management
  5. Aircraft Weapons Delivery System
  6. Aircrew Ejection System
  7. Armour Materials
  8. Electromagnetic Interference and compatibility
  9. Guided Missile Technology
  10. High Energy Materials
  11. LASER and Electro-Optics
  12. Marine Propulsion and Control
  13. Military Vehicles Technology
  14. Modelling and Simulation Techniques
  15. Range Techniques and Technology
  16. Special Weapons

Long/Short Term Courses

IAT conducts 14 long courses (more than 26 weeks duration) and 15 short courses (less than 26 weeks).

Specialization Offered

The following specializations are offered at the Institute:

Army: Armaments, Ammunition, Combat Vehicles & Equipment Management

Navy: Armament, Weapon Systems, Marine Engineering, Electronics & Marine Propulsion Control.

Air Force: Air Launched Weapons and Installation, Warheads and Fuzes, Aerodynamics, Decelerators, Aircrew Ejection Systems, Aircraft Weapons Systems, Electro-Explosive Device.

Guided Missiles
: Missile Guidance & Control, Missile Aerodynamics, Structures, Configuration and Propulsion, Guidance Signal Processing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Flight Dynamics, Missile Design, Combustion, Missile System Analysis & Simulation
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